Guidance, advice

& training...

As well being able to deliver a marketing strategy and run recruitment marketing campaigns for your agency, Nineteen Marketing also offer marketing consulting and training services, fully bespoke and tailored your needs.


Being able to bounce ideas off someone impartial but with recruitment marketing experience is a valuable way for marketing teams to deliver better marketing and build more meaningful and lasting engagement with your clients and candidates. We can help recruitment agencies and their existing marketing teams take stock of what they are and aren't doing and give advice around how to develop and improve their marketing in line with the business' objectives.

Alongside providing analysis and guidance to your marketing team, we can also provide your recruitment teams with training on all things marketing. This is something we see as a great way to empower your consultants, grow their 

confidence and build their own individual brands in the market which gets them results.

In particular, we help consultants:

  • Write better and more engaging job adverts

  • Boost their personal brand on LinkedIn

  • Create content for social media

  • Pitch retained and exclusive business


Could your teams benefit from training and up skilling when it comes to their marketing? If the answer's yes, let us know.