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Recruitment insight

that adds true value...

Being able to add real value to your clients and customers has become increasingly important in recent years as the number of recruitment agencies competing for jobs and talent has soared.


We recognise that through sharing fantastic insight and research on the markets you operate in, salaries, benefits and other elements of the workplace with your networks, companies can position themselves as a recruitment partner that’s informed and one that can be trusted.


At Nineteen Marketing, we can help you conduct research and gather data and insight which you can then use to have better conversations with your clients and candidate networks.


We do this through a straight-forward process which has proved successful and one which will leave you with something that will add real value.



We work with you define what is you want to research, why you’re doing it and how best to complete the research. During this initial discovery, we’ll provide examples from the market to get a sense of what can be done and how the research is to be presented.


Data Collection

We’ll agree the best way to collect the data between an agreed upon period and take the data collection off your hands giving you one less thing to worry about.



Once the data has been collected, we’ll process the results, working closely with you to ensure we are reporting on each aspect we agreed upon in the discovery phase.

Write up

Our team will present and visualise this data in the agreed upon way. During this stage we’ll create all necessary graphs, charts and visuals in line with your brand as well as write up the analysis and findings in a beautiful, clean report.


Once you’re happy with the final version, we’ll help you launch your research and define an ongoing strategy to make sure it reaches as many of the right people as possible. We’ll also provide you with the relevant promotional marketing collateral so you can get the research in front of your network.

If you've been thinking about conducting research or you think your clients and candidates would benefit, then let us know how we can help.