How to enhance your digital presence

You’ve got your website and your consultants are busy doing their thing on LinkedIn Recruiter, but with so much competition and even more ‘noise’ out there in the market, is this enough?

The short answer is no.

Yes, reputation and network still count for a lot, but, if you want to continue to stand out and showcase what’s great about your agency, your digital presence could use a boost.

Here are a few ways you can make that happen…

1. Be active on social media

The word ‘active’ is key… If your LinkedIn company account or personal page is sitting there redundant, it shouldn’t be. You need to use it regularly!

You no doubt heard about the Colin Vs Cuthbert battle. So many different brands jumped on this trend and increased their social media presence just by replying to tweets, LinkedIn posts and sharing content that kept the story in people’s minds.  

It’s the same for the recruitment industry. Engage in relevant topics to increase your brand exposure and show your credibility (although the topics may not be as riveting as Colin vs Cuthbert).  

If there are no trending topics, share content you’ve created to help fulfil your audience needs e.g., a post about simple steps to choosing the right recruitment agency.  

It’s important to be dynamic, everyone’s tastes are changing, so make sure to re-evaluate what you are posting to make sure it’s relevant.  

2. Produce valuable content

The importance of creating regular content which tackles relevant issues and topics that are of interest to your audience cannot be overlooked. 

  Producing valuable, unique, content will make you stand out from your competitors as it does two things:  

  • It allows you to take the lead on creating resources for your audience 

  • It demonstrates your company’s expertise and market insight

The content doesn’t need to be ground-breaking, but simply engaging and relevant. 

Once you’ve got your valuable content, make sure you don’t forget step one!  

3. Use visuals

Visuals are so important because they have the power to tap into people’s consciousness and do wonders for brand recognition.  

Using eye-catching pictures in your blog and social posts are a perfect way to engage your audience and keep them entertained. Keep it consistent, and they’ll recognise your content next time around. 

Repurposing your content in a visually engaging way is a good trick too and the use of infographics is often underrated, if you create a great blog post, create an infographic to go with it and share on your socials - it’s more easily digestible content.  

  If you’re stuck for imagery ideas here are some examples: 

  • Team photos or videos 

  • Photos of clients 

  • Behind the scenes photos and videos  

  • Infographics 

Try things out, see what engages your audience and gets a response and what doesn’t. Keep tweaking until you find what works.  Tools such as Canva are great for this.

4. Optimise your website

In today’s technologically advanced society having a mobile optimised website is essential.

Think about the people who will come across your company by scrolling through their phone, quickly in their lunch break or after work. You want them to be able to easily find you, discover your opportunities and expertise and ultimately engage with your agency.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is the application process smooth on a mobile?

  • Can a potential candidate easily read the latest job opportunities on a mobile?

  • Can you effortlessly read a blog post on a mobile?

  • Can a potential client find your case studies and areas of expertise?

  • Are there clear calls to action?

Get these right and their experience will improve.

5. Be competitive

Research direct competitors or those that are outside of the industry to inspire you. If you fail to get inspiration, at least you’ll learn what you like and don’t like about the things they’re doing. 


  • Is there something that your competitor isn’t doing that you could do?  

  • Could your competitor improve how they post on social media?  

  • What would you do differently?

Don’t be afraid to find inspiration from competitors, expanding your digital presence is a long process so you may have to try out different techniques along the way. 

Do this, but remember to put your company’s spin on it and showcase what makes you unique. 

6. Analyse results

Once you’ve made the effort to implement strategies to enhance your digital presence you need to analyse the results to understand what’s worked well and what needs to be improved.    

Ultimately, you need to know what you want to measure and why. 

What’s the end goal for the work you’re putting into improving your digital presence?

Across which channels are you focusing your efforts? 

To make this easier, create goals before you start so that you have something tangible to make a comparison against.  

These are long term strategies so you may not see immediate changes but stick at it! 

7. Recognise when you need to ask for help

Improving your digital presence won’t happen overnight; it takes time.  

As recruiters, you’ll have a million and one things happening at the same time, so if you’re struggling to commit to this, reach out for help!  

What’s next?

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