Why repurposing your content works

Picture this… you’ve spent time researching, writing, and creating a new blog filled with information your clients and candidates would love. You upload it, share it but it doesn't get the engagement it deserves.

However, you know there’s insight and information in there that people are going to want to see.

With the increased amount of competition, it’s getting more difficult to stand out from the crowd and grab people's attention, meaning your audience tends to skim through your hard work or even bypass it completely.

The good news is this is where repurposing your content can really help you.

Everyone consumes content in different ways, and in a world where we want more content than ever before, adapting your content to better fit your audience’s needs is key to brand engagement.

Is creating content worth it in the first place?

The short answer is yes, and here's why:

Firstly, they help drive traffic to your website, exactly where you want candidates and potential clients to be so they can have a nose around at your credentials, calls to action and live vacancies. The long and short of it is, more traffic to your site creates the potential for more leads and ultimately more revenue.

Blogs also drive long-term results and engagement. Creating value for your audience, whether it’s market insight or advice you can begin to establish yourself as an industry leader or authority on certain topics.

How many recruitment agencies use the term, ‘we’re industry experts’ as part of their sales pitch to clients? The answer? A lot. With insightful content, thought leadership and opinion backing up a solid recruitment process, chances are clients are more likely to buy into you as an ‘industry expert’.

Finally, good content is the gift that keeps on giving. If you share your content on your LinkedIn page and it gets decent results, there’s nothing stopping you from posting it again down the line. This is where repurposing your content is a winner.

Why should you repurpose your content?

The prospect of using a little creativity to repurpose your content may feel daunting at first, but with a bit of practice and the right tools, you’ll be able to fly through it.

Repurposing helps to stretch your content much further. If you can create content that doesn’t expire which you can repurpose numerous times, you’ll gain a better return on investment from your initial efforts.

Secondly, it helps to give your high performing content a second (or third) chance. If you’ve created content that a lot of people have interacted and engaged with why not repurpose and share again? The main goal of marketing is to gain exposure, so take any opportunity to exploit this.

Following this, even if your audience remembers part of what you last posted it doesn’t hurt for them to see it again. If clients and candidates are regularly seeing your message, it's more likely that it’ll stick with them and they'll remember it and remember you.

Finally, it can be a lengthy process thinking of new ideas to post about, so repurposing your content helps when planning your social calendar for the month. You can save time by repurposing old content and using the extra time you’ve gained to improve elsewhere.

How can you repurpose your content?

If you’re struggling with ideas for how to repurpose your content here are the 3 easy tips to get you started:

Use a different format – Once you have created your content think of different ways to format it. For example, a blog could be turned into a slideshow or an infographic showing key information.

If you have a series of blog posts about one topic, have you considered turning it into an e-book? What about creating a podcast?

Break it down – If you’ve created something that is long and lengthy break it down. A lengthy video of candidate or client testimonials could be broken down into short 10 second snippets so it’s more digestible.

Tap into your teams – see what your team is posting and repurpose this e.g., news articles case studies etc. Work alongside them to bring your content plans to life and reach a wider audience.

Remember don’t burn yourself out trying to repeatedly create new innovative content. It’s important to produce relevant content that will benefit your employees.

Where do we come in?

If you're looking to get help with your marketing activity, Nineteen Marketing can assist you with cost-effective, strategy-led recruitment marketing that’s designed with your end goals in mind.

Speak to us today about how we’re helping recruitment agencies develop engaging content plans and about how we can give you the tools and guidance to put in place a marketing strategy that works for you.